The zero calorie sweetener from nature

Sweetener packets provide us with easy access to sugar or alternatives to sugar. These packets are color-coded based on what's inside. That way, when you see generic pink sweetener, for instance, you've got a pretty good idea what you're dealing with. Pink, blue, yellow, white and brown. Which packet we each choose depends on our unique levels of awareness, our individual nutrition goals, and how well our body tolerates each one. 

Green is a relatively new color we are starting to see at the coffee bar. Green packets are usually calorie-free and made up of at least one of the following: stevia leaf extract and/or monk fruit extract. Our nation's largest coffee house chain uses a green packet that actually contains stevia AND monk fruit. 

For IdealOats®, we also choose to use stevia and monk fruit. We do this because they are derived from nature and each are calorie free. Stevia is extracted from a South African shrub and Monk Fruit is extracted from a plant found in China and Thailand. Each provide unique levels of sweetness and we worked hard to find a precise blend to provide a pleasant mouth feel that most closely resembles sugar.  

Click here for a thorough review of all sugar alternatives as well as the sweeteners found in IdealOats®, all provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information: Sugar Alternatives, Stevia, Monk Fruit.

There are many definitions out there for “natural food products.” We align our philosophy of what is artificial or not with the information in the links above as well as this list: