NEW Product!

We've been busy in the kitchen! We have developed a new plant-based protein powder extracted exclusively from Non-GMO Swedish oats. This is exciting for us because Oat Protein is not only new for us, it is new for everyone. It is a marketplace introduction to a new source of protein in the ever growing Plant-based Protein category alongside Soy, Pea, Rice, and Hemp proteins. Like these proteins, Oat Protein is a complete protein. However unlike these other proteins, it has a pleasant oat taste that is highly versatile. It can be used in your smoothies and in your baked-good recipes too!

With more than 3X the protein as oatmeal and 4X the protein as oat flour, it makes for a tasteful and protein packed baking companion or on-the-go breakfast replacement! Check it out on Amazon Prime!

  • PLANT BASED | 100% Certified Vegan Plant Protein. 16 grams of protein per serving sourced exclusively from Non-GMO Swedish Oats without the use of chemicals or solvents. 100% Oat-based with Oat-taste
  • COMPLETE PROTEIN | Naturally contains all 9 essential amino acids including the desirable BCAA’s which can help boost your metabolism while supporting muscle growth and tissue repair
  • HEART HEALTHY | Oat Protein may help lower Cholesterol. Contains naturally occurring Oat Oil and Oat Beta-Glucans from Soluble Fiber. Plant-based alternative to soy-protein
  • CLEAN NUTRITION | No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Preservatives. Made with 100% Pure Maple. No dairy anything