Our Nutrition Facts

We love oatmeal. It's warm, it's healthy, and it's satisfying. Many companies diminish the many nutritional benefits of oats with added sugar to make it taste better. IdealOats is unique from other products in this category in that it uses added protein in place of what you'd typically see as added sugar. Protein and sugar have the same amount of calories per gram of weight but I think we can all agree that our bodies metabolize each of them quite differently.

IdealOats is inherently a carby item because of the oats. Not all Carbs are created equally, however, and we must know the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. The key to hacking your weight-loss plan is limiting your intake of simple carbohydrates and nourishing your body with complex carbohydrates—high-fiber carbs that keep you full for longer because they take more time for your body to digest. Oats have earned their place in this world as possibly the most beneficial source of natural complex carbohydrates that exist!  The specific soluble fiber found in oats, known as beta-glucans, has been shown to enhance feelings of satiety. IdealOats contains some simple carbohydrates from the fructose found in the fruit, however, no sugars are added and most of the carbs are the complex kind. Combine this fact with the power of protein and you've got one heck of a satiating meal in a small package that will keep you full for hours. IdealOats is a powerful combination of Protein and Fiber in a flavorful solution that can enjoy any time of the day. 

**The caloric make-up of the Erythritol and the Fiber found in our product help to decrease the total amount of calories found in it. Getting more food for less calories is the key to not finding yourself constantly over-indulging. We are able to make IdealOats taste good using sugar expertise and natural ingredients such as Stevia, Monk Fruit and Erythritol. These are each natural sweeteners with virtually zero calories and we worked hard to find a balance between the three that provides a delightful taste.

If you are counting carbs, you can subtract the Dietary Fiber and the Erythritol from the Total Carbs for a Net Carb count (the amount that you count).

Reach for IdealOats and enjoy a warm and tasty meal anytime, anywhere.